Isaiah Colton
Helping High Performing Real Estate Professionals create sales and recruiting systems to fill their calendar with appointments, attract a top-performing sales team, and install "Profit Accelerators" into their business. 


My Journey... 

Isaiah started his first business out of his college dorm. Struggling to get clients, he began studying the different business practices between companies in his industry. He noticed it all came down to marketing and sales. So he committed to mastery of both, and within two years, he was in the top 10% of his industry. He has applied these same skills to several other industries, having now built three companies that have done over $33,000,000 in revenue.  

Isaiah believes he owes his success to how he grew up. He was raised in a small farm town where a strong work ethic was essential. Though it was a challenge, he is thankful for the hard-knock life experiences and lessons learned. Isaiah became a tri-athlete winning several awards, with football being his passion. He is blessed to have a fantastic wife, an incredible son, and a supportive family that never gave up on him, even when times were tough.

Isaiah's Work Life

Isaiah spent several years working in the home service industry, helping small business owners with digital marketing and sales strategies. It was then he developed a passion for real estate. Isaiah had a chance to work with some very successful real estate professionals, helping them generate business, then eventually starting a brokerage with them. Having mastered inside sales, he created an inside sales division within the brokerage, and the company exploded. The brokerage ended up doing over 151 transactions the first year, and by year three, they had started a broker referral program that helped them realize a 1500% growth rate. THEN THE WORLD CHANGED, and digital marketing changed with it. That was When REN 360 was born.

Isaiah's Coaching  

At Growth CEO, We Help High Performing Professionals create a sales engine to fill their calendar with appointments, attract a top performing sales team, and install "Profit Accelerators" into their business to create massive cashflow. Watch this free training to learn how. 


Listen to The Sales & Marketing Secrets Podcast to learn ways to stay on the cutting edge, what Isaiah is working on to grow his business and to help his clients grow theirs. 


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